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Canadian Assault on May 17th at House of Targ in Ottawa: ABSOLUT and ZEX!

Coming soon: debut 7”-single from ZEX. Total worship of ‘77-‘79 Punk Rock and early NWOBHM singles! Check out “Savage City” on Bandcamp (or Soundcloud).

The first single from Gravmaskin's debut full-length, Volym 1, is out now! Download it at this location. It’s “backed with” two live tracks, which were recorded during the band’s show in Stockholm earlier this month. Enjoy!

"No, pre-orders will not be available." "No, it’s not out yet."

Check out this awesome feature on Fantom Warior in the latest issue of @ironfistzine — OUT NOW!

Electric Assault Records is happy to announce it will release the debut album from GRAVMASKIN, entitled Volym 1, on LP, CD and digital download! More info on the 10th Assault to come soon.

Photos by Ove Wiksten.

Some unfortunate news for today:

Punk Survival MLP by ABSOLUT is delayed but will most definitely be out by April, just in time for the band’s first-ever tour of the USA. The dates are:

4/26 - Los Angeles, CA at Crash Pad (w/ Proxy, Bedbugs, Age of Fear, Dogsbody)
4/27 - Santa Ana, CA at El Centro (w/ Bombsplinter, Damages)
4/28 - San Francisco, CA at The Knockout (w/ Zyanose, Frenzy, Provos)
4/29 - Portland, OR at The Know (w/ TBA)
4/30 - Olympia, WA at TBA
5/01 - Vancouver, BC at TBA (w/ Omegas, Systematik, Mueco, Vacant State)
5/02-04 - Calgary, AB at Garbage Daze II (w/ Omegas, Thee Nodes, The Repos, Mueco, Systematik, Spectres, Snob, PMMA & more)

More info regarding the tour—including updated venues—can be found here!

Likewise, Stone Dagger’s The Siege of Jerusalem 7”-single is also delayed but will be out around April. There will be no pre-orders for this but rest assured that there will be plenty of copies to go around!

First Blood

So, first post on the new website! Of course, it wouldn’t be a real maiden post without bad news, would it?

The ABSOLUT MLP, Punk Survival, will unfortunately be delayed (again!) another month and a half due to the plant being backed up. Don’t worry: it will definitely be released in time for the band’s West Coast tour this spring! However, this will unfortunately affect production time for the Stone Dagger 7”, however slightly (hopefully not longer) it may be. Sorry to those restlessly waiting, but this is something no one can control! The wait will most definitely be worth it, though—hang tight!

In lighter news, Electric Assault Records has some big news coming in the near future, which includes not one, not two, but three releases! This year is going to be quite big, as everything about the label will be stepped up to new levels, from distribution, promotion, releases, etc. As some of you may have noticed, the distro does not exist any more and this cut is a result of prioritizing the label’s own releases exclusively. There are plenty of great distros around the internet, of course, but honestly, just go to your local independent record store—if they don’t have what you’re looking for, get them to order!

Finally, all available releases are now sold out, except for The Golden Grass’ One More Time 7”-single, which is dwindling weekly anyway (buy it here). The CREEP demo, which was pressed twice, will not be repressed. Fortunately, you can download it here for free! The Natur Demo 2010 12” will be out later than expected, but look for it in the spring.

As always, thanks for your continued support and look for more good (maybe less bad) news in the coming weeks! In the meantime, if you’re in NYC, check out this Full Psychedelic Rock Concert with The Golden Grass (more info here):